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> Does this still happen with ACPI disabled?
> - good question, i have been trying to track this down to bios or other
> settings or issues before running the kernel with ACPI permently disabled
> but that may do it.  I'll boot tonight with it off and see if that helps.

Just disable it when loading the kernel to see if it makes any
difference. On a desktop it's not really a big deal running without

> >Having ACPI enabled can also cause interrupt related problems in some
> configurations.
> - do you mean disabling ACPI in the kernel when it asks if you want to
> permanetly disable? 

Yes.. I mean disabling ACPI in the kernel's device.hints file, I don't
think you can turn it off just by using the bios.

My system has a problem with shared interrupts all of a sudden being
lost when ACPI is enabled. If you have any devices that share an
interrupt then this may be what's happening. (You can see the IRQ table
using 'vmstat -i')



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