Kris Kennaway wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 01:22:38PM -0500, Francis Litterio wrote:

>> I have a stock 5.1 release system, but when I try to install the package
>> amsn-0.71_1.tbz, which I downloaded from
>> pkg_add says it needs version "tcl-8.4.3,1" of tcl but my 5.1 system has
>> tcl version "8.3.5_2" installed.  I have not changed my tcl installation
>> since I installed 5.1, so that's the tcl that comes with 5.1.
> That's the version of tcl 8.3 that comes with 5.1.  The version of tcl
> 8.4 that comes with 5.1 is 8.4.3,1.  They are different packages.

Thanks for replying.

In what sense does tcl 8.4 "come with 5.1" if it is not installed when I
install _everything_ from the 5.1 install CD?

This is what confuses me: How can tcl 8.4.3,1 be a 5.1 package if it
depends on packages that are not installed with the 5.1 release?  Sure,
any package can be a "5.1 package" as long as I upgrade enough other

Aren't packages bound to a given base system version precisely to avoid
this kind of "upgrade creep"?
Francis Litterio
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