On Sunday 25 January 2004 15:25, Geert Hendrickx wrote:

> Unfortunately, when I click Ok, KDE wants to restart the Arts daemon, and
> then, tragically, it complains dat /dev/dsp is busy...  I think artsd just
> doesn't "free" the device when it is killed manually, and therefore it
> won't restart either.  But I'll try it again on my next reboot, I think
> this may solve the problem!

Just recode your mp3's to ogg files and use `ogg123 -d arts' or Noatun, use 
kmplayer for movies and then think hard what you need esd/oss for again -:).

I can say that the autosuspend feature works for me(tm) on -CURRENT and KDE 
3.2-CVS, which will be released real soon now. Just make sure you disable a 
lot of unneeded sounds in the desktop, like 'shwoosh' on window resize, 
'whammm' on window closure and so on, as these add to the 5 seconds.

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