On Friday 30 January 2004 06:54 pm, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Eric F Crist wrote:
> > I'm trying to add IPFW support.  Where do I put my rc.firewall so that it
> > gets read at boot time?  I've tried /usr/local/etc/rc.d and /etc but
> > neither seems to get read.
> Specify the location of your firewall script in /etc/rc.conf like so:
> firewall_enable='YES'
> firewall_type='/etc/ERICS_firewall'
> firewall_flags='-p /usr/bin/cpp'
> [ You might choose to use some other preprocessor... ]

Well, here's what I have now.  I have a file in /etc called grog.firewall.  
It's contents are:

grog# more grog.firewall
ipfw -f flush
ipfw add 100 pass all from any to any via lo0
ipfw add 200 deny all from any to
ipfw add 300 deny ip from to any
ipfw add 600 allow all from any to any

In my /etc/rc.conf file, I have the following two entries pertaining to the 


Now, this is a headless system, so I access it through the serial port.  I 
don't see any errors anywhere, but my ipfw show command, immediately after 
boot, shows:

65535 481 38684 deny ip from any to any

What have I done wrong?
Eric F Crist
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