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> Assigning an Host name to your FBSD system
> Your FBSD operating system has internal software applications (like
> sendmail for one) that needs to know the fully qualified domain name
> of the PC it's running on. You do this by adding this option
> statement   hostname=    to /etc/rc.conf.
> This is the format to use.
> thisPCname.fakeDOMAINname.tld
> Where thisPCname came be any name you want to identify this
> particular pc on your LAN. Since the goal of this Installation Guide
> is to build an FBSD gateway server, the name of this PC should be
> gateway.
> Where .fakeDOMAINname  can be any name you want as long as it's not
> an registered domain name on the public internet, unless of course
> it's registered to you. Using FBSDyourlastname is an safe fake
> domain name to use here. So if my name is Tom Jones, I would use
> fbsdjones.
> Where .tld can be any of the standard TLD's currently in use. Such
> as .com or .usa or .info or .cc, but since .com is the most commonly
> used TLD, I recommend using .com

I think it's a better idea to use a fake TLD, too: tomorrow someone
could go and register fbsdjones.com, resulting in much confusion.  On
the other hand, fbsdjones.lan should be safe to use until such time as
.lan becomes an official TLD (i.e., probably forever.)

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