Thank you very much to everyone that replied.  I
understand the differences.  Best to go with a RELENG_

Thanks again, the freebsd community rocks! 


> Like you wrote: tag=. mean get me the latest. The
> reason this isn't 
> advisable is because a bug can easly kill you
> system. I would advise 
> you to use the RELENG_5_2 (i.e. 5.2 + updates) and
> change when the next 
> version comes out. There aren't going to be any
> 5.2.1 unleas there's a 
> good reason for. (The last FreeBSD version out of
> the 4.x brange that 
> has this was 4.6)
> -- 
> Alex
> Articles based on solutions that I use:

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