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> Well, I know more than before and I can get sftp access to my fbsd box so 
> yes. Now I gather the problem is that the machine isn't listening on port 
> 21; is that supposed to be controlled by inetd? What do I do now?

Kinda obvious, but is inetd(8) running at all?  If it is running, did
you restart it after editing the configuration file?

To make inetd(8) start automatically on reboots add this to /etc/rc.conf:


You might want to tweak inetd's runtime flags something like the following:

    inetd_flags="-wWl -R 1024 -c 128"

which makes inetd log every connection to it and imposes some limits
on the number and rate of connections inetd will accept.

In order to make inetd(8) reread it's config file:

    # kill -HUP `cat /var/run/inetd.pid`

You should now see something listening on port 21 -- if you still
can't connect by FTP, double check your firewall rules (remember that
FTP uses both ports 20 and 21) and /etc/hosts.allow.



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