On Tuesday 17 February 2004 02:58 pm, Derek Burns / Bend-Pak wrote:
> Windows XP
> And we are on the same network
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> On Tuesday 17 February 2004 02:08 pm, Derek Burns / Bend-Pak wrote:
> > Is there a way I can administer my FreeBSD web server from my pc?
> Yes.  There are many ways.
> How you administer the server remotely will depend upon many factors:
> 1. Are you comfortable on the command line, or do you want a GUI?
> 2. What operating system is running on the pc?
> 3. How will the server and pc communicate?  (For example: Are the pc and
> server on the same network? Does the pc need to dial in?)
> Andrew Gould

Tightvnc is similar to PC Anywhere in that it will let you see and manipulate 
the server's window as if you were at the server.   It is different from PC 
Anywhere in that it is free.  Tightvnc is available for Unix and Windows; so 
you can use it to manage your FreeBSD server from your Windows PC.

On the FreeBSD server, install tightvnc from the ports:

> cd /usr/ports/net/tightvnc
> make install clean

On the PC, install tightvnc.  You can find tightvnc packages for Windows by 
searching via google.

If the network connection between the server and PC is not protected, you 
should probably run tightvnc through ssh on FreeBSD and through putty on 

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould

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