I googled (first time ever for FreeBSD issues) as suggested and found
the message you referred to.  My system date/time was 5 hours off, if I
remember correctly, so I set the time with 'date 0402172134' and started
my  upgrade again with 'make buildworld'.   Everything ran smoothly,
except for mergemaster...still not 100% with that function yet.  I
rebooted successfully, around 12:30am but my system clock is back to the
5-hour difference as before reading 5:30 am.  Must have set it
incorrectly.  Will have to read the man date page more thoroughly.

Thanks for your assistance.

Bob Perry

Per Matthew:
This is a well known problem and it and the solution may be easily
found by googling.  The clock on your system is wrong.  Set the clock
to the correct time and start again with 'make buildworld'

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