Jerry McAllister wrote:

Hello Support !

I bought FreeBSD 5.1 and Handbook for my 10 year old "computer nut" son for Christmas and have had problems installing the full graphical version.

Good choice. Get him started right.

When asked for "video card" on installation, I don't' know what to select. I have on-board video on the motherboard at this site.

Well, it doesn't say what the video chipset is - just "3d graphics engine". But on the drivers download page there is a Via four-in-one driver for Windows. On the specs page the motherboard is identified as using the Via KM266/8235 chipset. After a bit more googling and rummaging, it looks to me as though this is an onboard Via/S3 Savage 8. So try the S3 Savage driver. If that doesn't work, say so and I'll rummage again.



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