> Greetings,
> I am running 5.1-release.  I created the file
> /var/cron/tabs/root .  It is owner root, group wheel.
> permissions are -rw-------
> I have the following entry in the file root
> 0 22 2-31 * * /usr/local/bin/rsync -av /dept2/Marketing/ /data/Marketing
> 2>&1 /r
> oot/rsync.log
> Of course the line above is all on one line.
> Well, this command did not run last night.  No /root/rsync.log file was
> created.
> No email was generated.  Zip.
> what did I screw up to prevent cron from running the command ?

You did it by hand instead of using the more automated method.  Although you
got the ownership/permissions correct, I bet you didn't restart the cron
daemon (which is required so that it sees the newly created crontab.)

You should really use "crontab -e" to edit/create crontab files.  It will
look after ownership/permissions automatically, as well as kicking the cron

Matt Emmreton

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