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TF> > > : If "True", for optimized code across all machines, the code should
TF> > > : just be built on each machine, right?
TF> > > That would give slightly better performance.  However, it can be more
TF> > > pain than it is worth if the number of machine types is high.
TF> > Consuming considerably more time and disk space, a shell script to
TF> > alter make.conf and rename /usr/obj between the build for each machine
TF> > is doable, though pro'lly not worth it. The install at each each box
TF> > would just have to mount it's corresponding /usr/obj tree.
TF> Just need to set __MAKE_CONF and MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX before running the build.

Unfortunately not, as some utilities (from phase III) will be linked against
existing system libraries. Or, you should follow the process like 'make
release': build world with lower CPU optimization, intall it to the sandbox,
chroot to it and build world again. This was explained by ru@ some months ago

[1]: http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/152/2002/5/0/8811539/

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