Hello. I posted this questions three days ago; I didn't get a reply yet. I have been fighting the problem today whole day without any luck, and the more I dig into the problem, the more I feel it should not be a very rare problem. Perhaps I didn't descirbe my problem clear enough in my last email, or did I have etiquette problem? Should I provide more specific information?

Now to what I can understand, the biggest problem is the proxy arp. I can have bc compuerts connects to bs, but I cannot let them access other hosts on the LAN. A true example: bc1 is, on the other side of the tunnel is (bs). bs also have a NIC address bc1 ping and just fine, ping other hosts gets time out.

I do have "enable proxy" (and "enable proxyall") in my ppp.conf; I do have gateway_enable="yes" in my rc.conf. So it is a simple question: ppp connects okay, but proxy arp is not working, what should I do?

=== Here is my last post ===

Hello. I think this problem really go out of my English language ability, I'm trying my best to explain it:

Now I just built a bluetooth based LAN access server, that is to run several serial connection over bluetooth, so you can think they are many simple serial connection, and ppp runs over the connections through tun. The network is like this:

    [gateway/firewall:] --- [many hosts, -]
            |     +-- [ <-tun->] -- [bc1]
    [bs:]+-- [ <-tun->] -- [bc2]
                  +-- [ <-tun->] -- [bc3] is also the DHCP/DNS server. bs means bluetooth LAN access server, bc1 is a notebook computer with bluetooth, bc2 is another, and bc3 yet another.

I have pppd running on bs. I'm pretty dumb with ppp, to get it working I setup three ppp lables in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, holding the address from to

Currently bc1, bc2, bc3 connect to bs correctly, I don't have any route/proxy to let bc to connect to other computers in the LAN, say Now I wish to make the network really transparent, that is as if bc1, bc2, bc3 is in the LAN, to be pinged and sshed. I wish to make:
* upon each ppp connection, bs ask to assign an IP address from address pool to bc, also let give other dhcp information like dns server, search domain etc. If bc love to register a DNS entry it should be able to do so.
* When someone in LAN (say wish to connect to bc2 it should be no problem (so-called proxy arp).

I hope I'm clear. Am I still far away from getting that work? Where to find a guide to achieve that? Thank you!

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