I'm interested in setting up a distributed file system across two 5.2.1

  I wanted this to work such that the two machines had /different/ data
but through the use of some software they can be ``mounted'' to provide
a single large volume (almost the same way that the RAID0 works).  First
of all I'm not sure that this is possible -- I'm having a little trouble
understanding some of the Coda terminology.  If somebody could
confirm/refute this I'd be interested.

  Secondly does anybody know which is my best bet (in general --
regardless of network concat support)?  AFS ports seem to be nonexistent
(bar a client) while Coda has a version 6 port (but no documentation
newer than 2000 that I can see).

  If Coda is not able to do what I want -- does anybody know another way
to do this?  Thanks a lot,


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