Guy Van Sanden wrote:
[ reference to USB 2 vs Firewire performance... ]

Thanks for your answer.

You're welcome.

I was googling for this, and I found out that you need some modules:
firewire.c fwohci.c fwohci_pci.c

Yes, although FreeBSD 4.9 should have come with the module already compiled and available for use. See whether you have:


...on your system, otherwise add a "device firewire" and rebuild your kernel. I've used both the VIA 6306 and whatever Creative uses on the SB Audigy (Sony 3022? I forget)...

Will the fwohci driver provide better perfomance then the USB one?

Right now it certainly does. I was seeing data-level throughput of ~40 MB/s or 320 megabits per sec, which is ~80% utilization of the maximum available throughput of 400 mb/s. I don't know how much protocol-level overhead is involved, but there is undoubtedly some so it seems the Firewire driver works about as efficiently as one might wish.

[ Bravo, Kobayashi-san and Shimokawa-san... ]


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