Joseph Koenig wrote:

I'm putting together a system that will host a relatively small database
(around 20,000 records), as well as run Apache / PHP to search that
database. I have the option in front of me to use a P III dual 1GHz machine
with a SCSI Raid 5, or to use a single P4 2.8 GHz with a SCSI Raid 1. Both
have 1GB RAM. I'm looking to use MySQL as the DB. The site that this machine
will host gets about 2 million hits per months (yes, hits, not pageviews or
visitors) from about 21,000 unique visitors. Does anyone have an opinion as
to which machine will perform best under this scenario? Obviously, both
would run FreeBSD. Thanks,

Joe Koenig
Production Manager
jWeb New Media Design

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Someone else already mentioned this, but RAID-1 will be faster than the RAID-5 at the storage level, if the RAID-5 array is a relatively small # of drives. If you're talking about 2 disk RAID-1 versus 10 disks RAID-5, those numbers may change. If the drives are integrated into the systems, it's also possible the RAID-1 disks are faster drives than the RAID-5 drives...

If you're going to run the DB and web server on the same system with a high percentage of static pages, the SMP system may help out.

If you have almost all dynamic content is full of complex DB queries, the P4 would do better based solely on CPU speed.

How about RAID-1 on the dual PIII and keep the P4 as a workstation? :-)

The PIII is likely up to the task, but it really depends on the type of content (is _everything_ PHP generating dynamic content, every page hitting the DB etc?)


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