This is a question for anyone running 5.2.1..

I currently have 5.1 running on a "Test server", I decieded to try ver
5.2.1.  However after I did the

Make Buildworld
Make Buildkernel
Make installkernel

commands, the machine would no longer boot up to a login prompt.  It would
get as far as....

Setting Freqency to 28xxxxxxhz at 800mhz
Time ticks every 10.00 msecond

and the machine would just hang.  No keyboard controll nothing.  So I D/L
the 5.2.1 ISO, and booted from Disc1 cd, and the same thing happens at the
same point.  Mind you this machine has been running 5.1 Just fine.

The machine is a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with a DCI NFII-400LA Motherboard. 
512 megs of DDR 2600 ram, 60gig ATA 100 Maxtor drive, and a 24x CD-ROM
Drive.  Not sure if it matters but the FSB on the board is 333mhz, not
sure where the 800mhz is coming from.

Any help would be appreciated.
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