On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 07:16:19 -0800 (PST)

> This is a question for anyone running 5.2.1..
> I currently have 5.1 running on a "Test server", I decieded to try
> ver 5.2.1.  However after I did the
> Make Buildworld
> Make Buildkernel
> Make installkernel
> reboot
> commands, the machine would no longer boot up to a login prompt.  It
> would get as far as....
> Setting Freqency to 28xxxxxxhz at 800mhz
> Time ticks every 10.00 msecond
> and the machine would just hang.  No keyboard controll nothing.  So
> I D/L the 5.2.1 ISO, and booted from Disc1 cd, and the same thing
> happens at the same point.  Mind you this machine has been running
> 5.1 Just fine.
> The machine is a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with a DCI NFII-400LA
> Motherboard. 512 megs of DDR 2600 ram, 60gig ATA 100 Maxtor drive,
> and a 24x CD-ROM Drive.  Not sure if it matters but the FSB on the
> board is 333mhz, not sure where the 800mhz is coming from.

Sounds like a bad kernel config except for the part about the 5.2.1
ISO... have you tried it without acpi?

May be useful to try the current mailing list too...

Try including a copy of the dmesg from 5.1 and your kernel config

You should be able to boot into 5.1 by going to the loader console or
whatever it called unloading everything and loading the previous
kernel... note: some things will not work when you do this becuase
some changes in some things... you will need to recompile the world
for that kernel...
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