> Which MTA is the recommended one to use on FreeBSD?
> I've noticed sendmail is installed by default, but
> my book I've been learning FreeBSD from (The Complete
> FreeBSD) only covers setting up postfix.  Should I
> go ahead a learn/setup sendmail?  If so, where's
> a good place to find a tutorial on setting it up
> on FreeBSD?

Asking this question is likely to provoke a lot of
votes a la "my MTA is better than yours." ;)

Here are a few questions to consider:

* Are you already familiar with an MTA?
  If you, you may want to use it on FreeBSD too.

* What does your environment look like?
  Are there other MTAs in use?
  If so, you may consider keeping a homogeneous MTA pool.

* Do you need integration with third party software,
  like, say, Cyrus, LDAP, MySQL, spamassassin, DNSBL, etc.?
  Personally, I'd use postfix for this, but YMMV,
  and you'll get other opinions too. Most MTAs have hooks
  for this kind of stuff.

* Are you novice w.r.t. MTA administration?
  Then go by an easily customizable MTA.
  Here again, postfix _may_ be easier to set up.

* Are you concerned about security?
  sendmail is a big monolithic SUID-root programs,
  while postfix is a set of isolated processes/programs,
  so postfix _may_ be a better alternative.

As you see, it's a difficult question, because it
depends a lot upon your environment, requirements,
levels of skills and personal tastes.

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