Wright, Greg wrote:
But the real goal is to put some sort of secure mail server/forwarder
between my internal MS Exchange system and the Internet.  I don't want
to connect Exchange directly to the Internet if at all possible.

What I'm looking for are recommendations for "free" SMTP servers that I
can use for this purpose.  I would like to include basic anti-virus and
SPAM control as well.  Unfortunately, I have no money (other than my
time) to do this project so am looking at minimal cost products.

Any suggestions for e-mail gateways.  I've looked at postfix and qmail
but am not sure that they are appropriate.  I could use the built in
sendmail, but worry about security.

I'm sure either qmail or postfix are perfectly capable of doing what you want - indeed there are many posts about this very subject to the postfix mailing list. I'd suggest looking back through the postfix-users archive to read what has been said in the past.

In particular you'll want to consider how to let postifx know what addresses @yourdomain are valid, so that it only accepts emails that are being sent to valid users. An example of how to do this can be found on http://www.plusone.com/gaptuning/postfix/

I looked at both postfix and qmail for dealing with email for my own small email server, and much prefered postfix.

Oh and, <insert standard comment about how you should just replace Exchange with Postfix anyway>


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