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"Crucial Servers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
>     I need some advice on steps for upgrading a very valueble
>     machine. This machine has an uptime of 393 days. I need to
>     install a secure version of "curl" this is our main focus right
>     now. FreeBSD 3.5 ports collection is very b0rked and nothing
>     works, I tried downloading the cvsup source and installing it,
>     but now it cant find m3build.
>     My main focus is getting this OS to 4.9-STABLE the SAFE way and
>     "Yes" its a contracted machine so its remote. I know there is
>     going to be tons of b0rked programs when I'm all said and done.
>     Can someone please explain how to tackle this animal slowly, I
>     was thinking 4.0 then 4.5 then 4.9.
>     If I can avoid this all together and install a secured version
>     of "curl" it would be appreaciated. I really cant find the
>     source anywhere.

No clue what it would take to cvsup that... but what I would do is
throw together a 4stable install together on another similar box and
take care of all the tweakings, data importing, and ect. Then when
that machines scheduled downtime/maintance/whatever arrivces swap out
either the drive or the entire machine.
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