On  Thu, 11 Mar 2004 22:12:25 -0500 UTC (3/11/04, 9:12 PM -0600 UTC my time), Justin 
Baugh, KSC wrote:

K> Hello list,

K> I am having a hell of a time with qmail/qmail-scanner, and I am hoping 
K> someone on the list can help me. Normally this setup has worked 
K> completely fine on any FreeBSD machine I've set it up on.

K> I am running a large mailserver which feeds the message to
K> qmail-scanner, and then to spamd & a virus scanner (Kaspersky). This is
K> a very beefy box (dual 2.4ghz Xeon, 2gb RAM) which should be able to 
K> handle many, many connections.

K> My connection limits on tcpserver are set to 60 concurrent connections.
K> concurrencyincoming/remote/local are all appropriate for this value. 
K> When I suddenly get a number of connections (5-10), or when there are 
K> more than 15-20 concurrent sessions in progress, I begin to get an error
K> message from tcpserver and also from qmail-scanner: "Cannot fork: 
K> Resource temporarily unavailable".

This error means means you`ve run out of memory (RAM + swap). Add RAM or
swap, or lower your concurrencies or stop unneeded processes. Have you
checked your memory? Qmail-scanner is *very* resource intensive as it is a
huge perl program, which then calls KAV, and I have a feeling this is
where the problem is.. are you running KAV in daemon mode? I think KAV is
where to look.. You can also set up your server to relay mail to a
separate server which has KAV and/or spamd and have it run over these, and
back to the main server for delivery.

K> Using truss, I see that the processes are just sitting there doing
K> vfork/nanosleep over and over and over, in a "Resource temporarily 
K> unavailable" loop. Once the processes get into this state, they don't 
K> get out of it, and it seems to build up over time (??) - i.e. more and 
K> more forking errors until everything is hosed. The only way to fix it is
K> to kill off all the qmail-scanner processes.

K> At the moment I'm not even using softlimit in the qmail startup script
K> in order to eliminate it as a cause. tcpserver is set to allow 60 
K> concurrent qmail processes; the problems start to occur at about 20 
K> processes, or when there is a very sudden increase in the number of 
K> connections At the moment there are no set limits on resource 
K> consumption for tcpserver or its children - at least not ones that I am
K> setting!

K> Return of ulimit as qmaild/qscand (qmail / qmail-scanner users)

K> Note, I'm nowhere near these limits:

K> What else could be causing these problems? I would be very grateful for
K> any assistance anyone can provide!

 as above...


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