* Darryl Hoar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-03-12 08:27]:
> Greetings,
> I installed 5.1-release on a box.  I installed cvsup from ports.
> I then copied /usr/src/share/examples/cvsup/stable-sup /etc.
> I changed the file to point to a CVS server near me.  The notes
> I was reading were specific to Freebsd 4.6.  Since I had 
> 5.1 installed I guessed I needed to choose RELENG_5 to
> track 5.1 stable.  I then added the following lines to the
> bottom of the file:
> ports-www tag=.
> ports-net tag=.
> ports-security tag=.
> ports-sysutils tag=.
> I then did a cvsup /etc/stable-supfile.  The system trundled away,
> showing on the screen file deletions, etc.
> When it finished (without any errors, and telling me it was sucessful),
> I tried to cd /usr/src.  The directory was gone.  Hmm.... So,
> I modified the stable-sup file to use RELENG_5_1.   Then did a 
> cvsup /etc/stable-supfile.  But once it connected to the cvsup server,
> it just hung.
> If I want to track 5.1-stable, what should I use ?

Other folks on the list seem to understand this differently
than I do.  My understanding is that the 'cutting-edge'
development branch of 5.x is -CURRENT.  If this is what you
are wanting to track, then use:

src-all tag=.

I've never heard of 5.1-stable.  Others may be able to give
better answers.

> thanks,
> Darryl


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