I did some testing. I wrote a small program in C to fork off a 
specified number of processes and leave them there. I find that 
I can run exactly 39 processes as qmaild before tcpserver begins 
to barf, saying it cannot fork.

This makes no sense to me; I can fork off hundreds of processes 
as the qmaild user with my simple test program (running as 
sudo -U qmaild). However, tcpserver, no matter what I do, is 
locked to 40 total children processes.

I find that value very interesting because during my research 
I noticed that there is a #define in sys/syslimits.h defining 
CHILD_MAX as 40 if it is not already defined. And it seems
as though you can set it as a kernel option in 4.x but not in
5.x....Could this be related? I'm confused because it doesn't 
look like tcpserver relies on syslimits or anything which 
would get that limit...any ideas?



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