Hi all,

and, please, advice me.

Why I can not do
"mount_smbfs -W WRKGRP -I fileserver //[EMAIL PROTECTED]/share /mnt"

It normaly asks for pwd for "user" but finishing with "syserr = Resource
teporarily unavailable"
Samba running on fileserver writes into the log: "Connection refused from ns
So it seems to be some authentication problem with Samba, not bad connect
between computers.

NS does not have any record in smbpasswd, but it is not required as NS is
not NT but Unix machine.
Smbfs support is compiled into kernel.
I can succesfully connect to fileserver from Win computers.

As for me, everything seems well. But it is not, because I can not make the
connection :-(

What do I do wrong / what I forgot to setup ?

Peter Rosa

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