On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, jon wrote:

> The mount_smbfs(8) command on 5.2.1 allows multiple mounts using the same
> source and mount point.  This sounds like a bug to me since other file
> systems such as ufs return an error on such attempts.  Anyone know of a
> reason why this is allowed in mount_smbfs?

Why shouldn't it be? The same holds true for nfs. And it really doesn't
matter whether you mount via smbfs or nfs multiple times on the same
client or once on multiple clients, does it?

If you mount one or more times, if you use ufs or any other fs, it is
always possible to write simultaneously to one and the same file leading
to data loss. That's Unix since the early 1970s, isn't it?

Of course you cannot mount a ufs more than once, but that's because the
kernel needs to manage the buffer cache non-ambiguously to preserve data
consistency in the fs structure.


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