Marwan Sultan wrote:

Hello everyone,

Im new to Xwindow system, im using Kde, with FBSD-5.1R

  Installation of xserver and kde, everything went fine, and works great
  I had few small troubles, I would appreciate if someone could give me
  some notices/hints what I should do, or install after this point.

  Just now the installation finished, i checked few webpages,
  and few doesnt work,

Flash / Java not supported? If yes How to do so and enable it?
Other languages? how to enable it? Turkish/Arabic?

What browser are you using? This is a browser-specific issue. I can say that it's likely that Flash and Java are supported if Flash and/or Java haven't been installed and configured on your machine....

When everything done, I could go to my KDE window from root access.
but when I use my user access, it doesnt go to KDE, and just comes back
to the xwindow (the small 3 terminal windows).
Should I do something to enable it?

Probably you have "exec twm" in your startup files are you starting X in the first place?

If you are using "startx" from the commandline,
then you should *probably* add an "exec kde"
(or kde-session or whatever the real name is ...
I use Gnome) to your ~/.xinitrc, and comment
out whatever line is actually calling the other

It is also possible to configure the machine
to run xdm/gdm/kdm (K display manager)
from /etc/ttys or as a daemon....

Any Advises after this stage?

Thank you very much.

Marwan Sultan


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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