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> I wonder if this could be made easier.  I'd be surprised if there
> wasn't a method of doing binary upgrades already.  For example, if we
> decided to track releases, would that enable us to do binary upgrades
> using sysinstall, say?  I vaguely remember having seen an upgrade
> option in there...


It's still in development, so it hasn't been adopted yet as an
official FreeBSD thing, but that surely is just a matter of time.
Works exceedingly well, and because of Colin Percival's binary diff
tool, it's really very light weight in the bandwidth usage stakes.

It's available from ports, of course:


The 'binary upgrade' option in sysinstall is a different thing: it's
essentially a mechanism for wiping and replacing your current system
with that release version, backing up various important config files
as it does so.  You still need to repopulate your /etc directory by
merging the updated default contents with the saved versions, and it's
generally not as smooth to do as the more usual means of
{build,install} {world,kernel} and running mergemaster. (Unless you're
upgrading over a large number of versions or across a major version
number change).



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