Darryl Hoar wrote:

I have a 4.4-stable box configured as my firewall
running IPFilter and doing nat and routing to
the internet.

I keep getting:

Mar 16 13:10:09 darryl /kernel: arplookup failed: host is not on
local network

in my /var/log/messages file.  It is coming from my DSL facing interface.  I
used ethereal
to capture packets and determine the MAC address.  Turns out to be a "vendor
on some OSI gear the ISP is using.  They cannot correct this problem.

ARP comes way before IPFilter, therefore I do not believe it can be

Is there anything I can do to prevent these warnings/errors from clogging up
log files ?


I think you could change /etc/syslog.conf
and -HUP the syslog daemon.

However, I can't tell you what level
of message that is; and therefore can't
tell you exactly what to change in that
file.  I imagine that its "kern.debug" ...
but I'm not sure.  Not to mention, losing
"kern.debug" might take away something
you'll need next time you have a problem.

I guess you could experiment, if you're
not too afraid of losing other log messages;
or you could script something to strip that
line and run it via cron....

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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