Danny Howard ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Mike Jackson wrote:
> >I pipe those, and other messages to a virtual terminal, like this:
> >
> >syslog.conf
> >--
> >*.err;kern.debug;auth.notice            /dev/ttyv3
> > 
> >
> ... and then what do you do with this virtual terminal?  Just check 
> alt+f3 every so often?

Yep. Nice thing about virtual terminals on fbsd, you can touch the
ScrLk key and then PageUp or arrow keys to scroll back and watch the

Anything that I want to be kept in a logfile goes to a logfile. I might
send auth.notice to a central loghost, once I get one setup. Of course,
if I wanted to be really sure I'd send it to a line printer :-)

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