On Saturday 20 March 2004 03:46 pm, chip wrote:
> How do I get the special characters to work, which work in MS Windoze
> using the conbination of right-alt+4digit code? I need to be able to
> use certain accents and characters found in spanish writing. I am
> using FBSD-5.1 with XFCE window manager.
> Thanks,
> Chip

I use kde-3.2.1, which allows you to set the 
regional and accessability > keyboard layouts. I use the es Spanish 
option. You don't have to do the terrible alt+keypad sequence.. There 
are a lot of people that have used xdb to do the same thing. Do an 
archive search.

BTW, you can do the same thing with W2K or XP. You choose the keyboard 
layout and you hold the right <alt><shift> down to switch. If you do a 
web search on keyboard layouts and go to the Microsoft site, you can 
grab images of the keyboard.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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