Hello Everyone,

I am multibooting FreeBSD with a few Linux distributions such as Mandrake,
Gentoo, Slackware, Red Hat. (I'll reduce that list to a couple of favourites

I have set up a primary partition with ext2 filesystem to act as a single
data partition accessable from all OSs. That seemed to be fine until
recently when I ran out of room on my FreeBSD /usr directory and moved my
/usr/ports/distfiles directory to the shared ext2fs partition. At first
there seemed to be no problems but when I tried to upgrade KDE and XFree86
using portupgrade the error messages began.

XFree86 always encountered errors when checking the checksums of the source
tarballs. It would say at first that the checksums were ok but then
immediately after crash sying that there were crc errors.

KDE was more serious. It would almost immediately crash with a Fatal Trap 12
error and reboot.

After finding nothing on the on the forums  I finally moved the distfiles to
a new drive which I formatted with the FreeBSD ufs filesystem. VOILA!! No
more problems.

So it seems that FreeBSD support for ext2fs is at fault.

So what is the best filesystem to use for a shared partition? For example,
does FreeBSD provide better support for ext3fs or resierfs? Or does Linux
provide better support for ufs?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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