IT2 Wishon, Corey wrote:

Sir or Ma'am

I guess I'm a "sir", but we're all just FreeBSD users around here. Greetings to you wherever the "Vella Gulf" is ATM, and thanks to all of you ....

Sorry to bother you. I am trying to get a intel chipset to work on my
version of freebds.

No trouble....

I am currently unable to run free86 GUI interface. The drivers will not
install referring to a 1240: syntax error: Bad fd number
and when I try to run startx I get fatal server error: "no screens found".
Is there any suggestion to help my situation. Any assistance
will be greatly appreciated.

IT2 Corey Wishon

Systems Administrator
USS Vella Gulf (CG-72)

Can't say as I can help with the "Bad fd number". It's obviously an error in line 1240 of some file or other ... now what file, I don't know, and whether the message is really the indicator of the problem I can't say.

You didn't mention what chipset ... I assume the
Intel i810?  There's a subsection of the Handbook
( dealing with that specific chipset, I suppose
due to the fact is was very popular for a while....if
that's your chipset, I'd definitely look it up.  The
handbook is available at,
or via ftp ....

"No screens found" means that the X server hasn't
found any viable entries in the "Screen" section of
the XFree86Config file (which is probably
/etc/X11/XF86Config) ... I've attached mine; the
"Screen" section is about 2/3 of the way down....


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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