At 12:28 22/03/2004, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 11:56:59AM +0000, Richard P. Williamson wrote:
>> At 11:41 22/03/2004, Willy Dingledorf wrote:
>> >The problem began when a newbie (me) downloaded and installed FreeBSD version 5.2, 
>> >and then was unable to mount a floppy disk.
>> > 
>> >************************************
>> >Richard Williamson wrote:
>> >
>> >Can you give us the Output of
>> >
>> >$ls /dev/fd0
>> >
>> >--------------------------
>> >Yes ... here it is:
>> >
>> >ls: /dev/fd0: No such file or directory
>> cd /dev
>> sh MAKEDEV fd0
>> because it looks like the fd0 floppy device doesn't exist.  Maybe when
>> you installed the downrev'd version, it created the /dev/fd0 when it
>> didn't find it.  If you look in the booting system, is /dev/fd0 there
>> now?
>Unfortunately that won't help the OP at all: he has the floppy working
>correctly under 4.9, but his aim was to be able to use the floppy
>drive under 5.2.1, and your instructions won't work because:
>    * MAKEDEV is gone from 5.x, which now uses devfs stuff instead to
>    dynamically create all the device nodes corresponding to the
>    available hardware.

Ah.  My bad.  I shut up now.

Actually, it looks like I blindly ignored/missed the original 5.x 
reference.  My brain is stuck on 4.8.


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