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Thanks for the tips.

I don't think the problem is with the drive itself overheating for the 
following reasons:

First, I tried the touch-test you suggested and the drive seems warm, but 
definitely not hot.

Second, I think the front case fan is doing a pretty good job.  When I put my 
hand on the drive there was a pretty good breeze blowing right around the 
drive itself.

Finally, when I start running into problems and the drive gets really bad 
(restarting constantly), I can't even run the WD diagnostic tool, but I can 
immediately swap the drive out into another system and run the diagnostic 
tool without any problems.

Oh, and Mark, to answer your question, the WD diagnostic tool states that it

"allows you to test the drive, print results for last drive tested, repair 
errors found during the Test Drive option and write zeros to the drive."

But, they obviously do something more than that because when I'm having 
problems and fsck won't mark the filesystem as clean, I can run WD's 
diagnostic tool, it will report there were no errors found, but fsck will be 
able to complete now.

Here are potential problems that I haven't ruled out:

- - general M/B problem requiring a replacement M/B
- - a problem with the on-board IDE controller whether it's overheating or some 
other problem
- - a problem with the power supply (this is stab in the dark, but I've seen 
rare VCore spikes with xmbon but I have no idea if this would only affect the 

I replaced the side panel on my case for the first time in about a year.  The 
CPU and memory temperatures are up a few degrees, but I'll leave it on for 
awhile anyway.  I also did my best to position cables out of the way to allow 
good air flow.

I also might try to buy a cheap IDE controller and see if that helps.

Again, thanks for your suggestions.  If I find a solution I'll make sure to 
pass it on.


On March 19, 2004 22:11, Mark Terribile wrote:
> [Jerry McAllister]
> >[Joey Mingone]
> >
> >> [Jerry McAllister]
> >>
> >>> Another early guess might also be overheating problems.  I am not sure
> >>> how you would check other than trying to make it cooler.
> >>
> >> Could be.. although I have almost always had the case open and I have
> >> two case fans.  The CPU temp is usually in the 40s or 50s C (not too bad
> >> for a 1.6GHz Athlon) and the memory is usually around 25C.  ..but maybe
> >> I'll try pointing a fan at it.
> The case fans won't help much with the case open.
> > Actually, I mean the disk overheating.  They do that and they get worse
> > at it as they age too.
> >
> > Also, some cases are designed to aid in the cooling and so with
> > the case open, the airflow is either not properly directed or it
> > doesn't get enough of a Bernouli or hydraulic effect...  Of course,
> > if it is a generic case that is probably not a consideration.
> Well, my tower box doesn't have any special baffles (yet) but if I operate
> it with both side panels off and push the CPU hard it will reset, and if I
> check the CPU heat sink I find it unusually warm.  Without the forced
> circulation from either the exhaust fans above and to the rear or the inlet
> fan that I have on my disk drives, the CPU fan appears to draw back too
> much of the warm air it ejects below, hence the trend toward putting a side
> inlet vent on the machine -- a very bad idea, since it means that you can't
> place the machine up against another one.  (The new BTX spec addresses
> this, but it looks like it introduces other problems.)
> I suggest that Joey check the temperature of the drive as he usually runs
> it, then again after running with the box closed.
>     Mark Terribile
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