I have been running mysql3.23 on FreeBSD 4.5 server for a long time. I was having 
problems installing mod_php4 using portupgrade. So I decided to upgrade mysql3.23 to 
mysql4 using ports. I first did "make uninstall" in 
usr/ports/databases/mysql323-client and mysql323-server. I got message that the 
package was not installed completely. But when i gave "pkg_info | grep mysql" i got no 

Than, from /usr/ports/databases/mysql40-server i gave "make install" command. 
mysql-client installed properly but mysql-server did not. I got the following error:

shared library "mysqlclient.12" is not found.

Goolging for this error did not help me much.Having had no success in installation, I 
uninstalled mysql-client again and from /usr/ports/databases/mysql40-server i gave 
"make reinstall". This has worsten the situation. The installation process was going 
on going on and going on.. and i had to give ctrl-C to stop it. I guess it went on to 
some kind of loop. I am now also worried if it has effected any of my system files.

I am totally lost. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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