Hello Luke,

I would try to find some kind of burn test utility which will test your hardware.
As for memory, there is Memtest86 memory test, and for harddrives there are many
vendor utilities, which can make a really deep tests.


On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 12:18:41AM +0900, Luke Kearney ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a server which recently died on me. I believed that the problem
> was likely the memory as the machine would reboot of its own accord
> initially when accessing via samba or NFS. Then I noticed that it would
> reboot when under no load. Given that the motherboard and CPU etc was
> pushing three years old it seemed like a good opportunity to upgrade to
> some newer kit I had. I installed a new ASUS P4800 motherboard with a
> celeron 2.20ghz chip and brandnew 512mb memory. 
> Now again whilst under no load at all it will freeze. The only original
> parts are the HDD's. My difficulty is that nothing is left in the logs
> or on std out. 
> If it is the disks I will reluctantly replace but I cannot see why disks
> would cause a reboot and leave nothing logged such as a time out or
> anything. 

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