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> I got some question regarding FreeBSD.  Today I just install FreeBSD
> 5.2-RELEASE from CD. Then I cvsup port-all tag=. to the current one and
> complete the portupgrade -arR for update.  I want to setup
> LDAP+SAMBA3. Then I install all the required ports. Then After I install
> samba-devel. my system going crazy it give me all these core dumped error.

A few people have been reporting problems with programs that link against
OpenLDAP after a recent upgrade.  I had a cascade of failures until I
temporarily removed the "ldap" entries from /etc/nsswitch.conf.  If your
portupgrade -arR upgraded OpenLDAP, then you may be bitten by the same bug.

For an example, see:

I'm currently gathering information to submit more detailed debugging
Kirk Strauser

"94 outdated ports on the box,
 94 outdated ports.
 Portupgrade one, an hour 'til done,
 82 outdated ports on the box."

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