In the last episode (Mar 30), Jesse Guardiani said:
> On Tuesday 30 March 2004 10:39, you wrote:
> > If you have multiple files or unknown blocksizes, the cptp command
> > from the MAG package at will
> > preserve filemark and blocksize info through pipes, so you could do
> > a cptp | cptp pipe.
> That looks promising. Do you have special build instructions for this
> package under FreeBSD 4.x?
> I'm getting the following error on 'gmake' or 'make':
> gcc -ansi -DUNIX -O -s -c tperr.c
> tperr.c:18: initializer element is not constant
> *** Error code 1

Bug in the program (stderr cannot be used to initialize static
variables).  Replace line 18 with

#define tperr stderr

and it'll build.  It looks like you may also want to edit tploc.h, line
49, and replace those two "8"'s with "%d"'s.  Then something like 
"cptp -m 0 of=- | cptp -m 1 if=-" should copy from rmt0 to rmt1 with a
little bit of pipe buffering inbetween.  Adding "team" or "buffer"
(both in ports/misc) inbetween will add even more buffering.

        Dan Nelson
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