> What is the output of uname -a?
FreeBSD cp.laws.ms 4.8-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE #0: Fri May 23 11:13:23
CDT 2003

> Are you patched to the latest security release for 4.8 (p.16 or so)?  PHP
has been causing people problems lately (see the archives for this list back
30-60 days), could it be biting you?  The symptoms sound similar (apache
crashing the system).
I have checked the dmesg and I found this
pid 96448 (httpd), uid 398: exited on signal 6

So, I check the apache error log, and I found this warning repeat many times
[warn] child process xxxxx did not exit, sending another SIGHUP
After that, apache restart. Then another 5 minutes, the servers offline.

So, I think you may be right, since I just recompile PHP with lastest PHP
stable version (4.3.5). I will search the mail archive now.

Thank you for everyone help. You all are very knowledgeable.


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> * meimi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-04-02 12:21]:
> > Hello,
> >   Thanks everyone.
> >
> > Here is the information
> > FreeBSD 4.8
> > Server specification:
> > PIII1.7GHz
> > 512MB ram
> > 80GB harddisk
> >
> > The server is used for web, mail, dns and databases (mysql and
> > Recently, I have recompiled PHP with option curl and openssl added.
> > The server is in Equinix datacenter and it is not busy, so I don't it
> > be temperature problems.
> >
> > Actually, what I want to know is the general steps for finding the
> Well, that's alot of tasks for a single server, but should be alright.
> If I wanted to start looking for the source of this problem, I'd first
> check /var/log/messages.  You'll get a variety of different blurbs in
> there, maybe some of which could help you.  I'd also check dmesg, to
> see if there is hardware or other trouble at boot time:
> # dmesg | more
> HTH some,
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> Joshua
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