It's not in the FreeBSD Hardware Notes for 4.9 and 5.2.1. But if it's
completely hardware based as Adaptec claims, then it might work. Though
I am not sure if FreeBSD can handle 2 TB of disk space. I don't think
that fsck will like such high amount of disk space either.



On 4/6/2004, "Chris Knipe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>Lo all,
>How much of SATA is supported in FreeBSD??  A couple of questions if I may....
>Firstly, is the Adaptec 2819SA (8-Port SATA RAID Controller) supported by FreeBSD 
>(4.8/4.9), and if it is, will a ufs file system cope with a 2TB, or bigger partition 
>(8 x 250GB SATA).  I then also presume that if the OS supports the partition, I 
>should have no problems in regards to applications reading/writing to and from that 
>partition (samba mainly).
>>From what I can see at Adaptec, this card is COMPLETELY hardware based, which tells 
>>me that any OS will see the RAID Array as a single hard drive, and therefore it 
>>should make very little difference whether or not it is supported.  But yeah, with 
>>2TB, I'd rather not take chances...
>The alternative is to build up a new Win2003 Server, and for that I really do not 
>have the patience :)
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