Sebastian Kutsch wrote:

I want to setup subsubdomains to reach individuell PC's in my LAN from
the Internet without portmapping.

Unless you have more external ipadresses from your ISP , i don't see how you can achieve this. Since one Ipadress is in use for your Firewall/Router/Natbox (how one calles it :)), it is pointing to that host. No other host can be reached internally on the same ip.

Example (not computer related) Your postal code. Your own postalcode is unique. If you get mail at that adres, it is always delivered at the main postbox, even if you have 20 seperated boxes with names on it. The mailman just dumps them in your main postbox (Your firewall).
You can have a machine behind it who spreads the mail after the main postbox so that it end's up in your own mailbox, (Portmapping...)

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