lrnobs wrote:

I am setting up a new server so I could just reinstall, but this is a
learning opportunity.

I was changing the hostname of the computer.  In rc.conf I apparently left
the leading " off the name.

BSD doesn't like this. It stops the boot and allows/forces me to a shell. So
I found that "cat" shows me the error of my ways.  vi apparently doesn't
exist or is stored somewhere that I cannot find because "find" does not work

I did find "ed" and thought I would be learning how to use it, but alas
trying to launch it tells me that I have a readonly file system.

So, is there any way for me to fix my typo, or is reinstall my only option.


Larry Nobs

First thing to do would be to mount / as r/w so you can use ed. Your $PATH is shot to heck so maybe:

/sbin/mount -t ufs /dev/ad0s1a /

Of course, that should be the correct device
and slice for your machine...

Have you tried just /sbin/mount -a to get the
whole thing back?  Maybe then vi or emacs
or whatever would be accessible...

Either way, this is completely recoverable.
Don't wipe your HDD yet....!!

Kevin Kinsey
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