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wrote Walter thusly...
> It looks like another directory structure has appeared in the ftp
> directory that Lynx does not "see" and that
>    find . -inum <inode> -delete
> does not delete.  It does have a dot as the first character, with
> some other non-printing characters, but no "/".
> Do you still want to look at it??  If so, as I'm not overly
> conversant with tar

Wow, i didn't expect that to happen so soon.

Here is the tar command pipe...

  tar cf - <parent of offending directory> \
  | bzip2 -9 >> foul-name.tbz2

...tar will send the output on stdout (-f -) of tarball (-c) of the
parent directory of the offending directory name.  Bzip2 will then
compress the tar output (given on the stdout) to the fullest extent
(-9) possible.  Tar'ed & compressed output will then be stored in file
named 'foul-named.tbz2'.

If the size of foul-named.tbz2 is ~30 kB, send me this file as email
attachment.  Otherwise, please allow me to download it via FTP or
HTTP.  In all case, please keep the size less than a MB or so.

  - Parv


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