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I've got an issue that has me stumped. I'm working with an old 1U server (Tyan Thunder LE [s2510] and ServerWorks III), and in order to keep the machine from resetting on me, we entered a line :


in the loader.conf file.

However, when I write to the Matrix Orbital LK162 with seemingly any process (tried both mtxorbd and LCDd), the machine exhibits the same characteristics as if I never did add the line for acpi_dsdt. So, here's the question. Is there a way to get the machine to stablize while using the LCD? Should I just not even use the LCD? Or should I find some method to get around the stupid 3rd party interface for the LCD module?

I hate it when a company goes out of business and I can't get any information on hardware. The unit is an Edge Server (Storigen is the main manufacturer), if anyone has any kind of information that might be useful. On that note, I'm refering to example controller code, manuals, instructions, or even people that used to work for the company.


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