Danny wrote:

So I have installed Postfix from the ports, read the pkg-message, read the changing the MTA in the handbook, and did a bit of searching.

So after the switch, I obviously get:

Apr 23 03:01:00 mx1 postfix/sendmail[2175]: fatal: unsupported: -bh
Apr 23 03:01:01 mx1 postfix/sendmail[2176]: fatal: unsupported: -bH

Because I did not:

"Also, you will want to disable some Sendmail-specific daily maintenance
routines in your /etc/periodic.conf file:


However, I do not have a periodic.conf. How is the periodic running without a config file?

Could someone please show me there periodic.conf file and why they chose the options they did, or maybe baseline.

/etc/defaults/periodic.conf has all the default values for periodic. You should _NOT_ endit /etc/defaults/periodic.conf ... the point is that /etc/periodic.conf overrides those defaults. You can, however, use /etc/defaults/periodic.conf as a reference to see what values are available and what their default values are.

Simply create a new file called /etc/periodic.conf and put the configuration
options shown above in it.  Anything not in /etc/periodic.conf will be
set from /etc/defaults/periodic.conf.

(Copying /etc/defaults/periodic.conf to /etc/periodic.conf is NOT a good idea, as
it defeats the purpose of the default file.  FYI, a lot of things are handled in
this manner, look at /etc/defaults/rc.conf for another example)

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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