I am running FireFox right now, but this happens a lot with other
browsers as well. 

Just basics about my system, im running a AMD k6-2 400 386mb ram and an
32meg ati video card (dont remember the exact product right now)

When i go to a website, say Slashdot or freshmeat, or any where that
involves ads on the page some where, about 99% of the time it can take
upwards of 2-3 minutes to load the entire page. Every time it halts on
waiting on some address relating to an ad some where on the net, if i
jump over to my fiance's P2 400 running windows and go to the page it
loads the page long before mine finishs. If i hit reload on it a few
duzzon times it will generally bring up the proper page and i can go
about my business.  

I guess my main question is, anyone ever seen this, if so ever get it
fixed? How did you fix it and is there anything i should look into other
than buying a faster machine. 

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