Warren Block wrote:
On Tue, 11 May 2004, Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:

   I've heard a lot of comments about the booting
process of freebsd, that it is much faster than
booting into Linux.

It is.

I also seem to remember that from my long-time-back linux experience. Given a same amount of services to run on either system, what are obvious, easy to understand, reasons for FreeBSD to be quicker than Linux?

You don't say if there's any particular step that is slow.  New systems
often lack reverse DNS, so sendmail will sit there for thirty seconds or
more just waiting.  Not sure about the minimum required, but giving the
system's hostname in /etc/hosts helps.  If you don't need sendmail, turn
it off by adding


I once tried that, but the system was cluttering up lots of undeliverable emails to root. Apparently system maintenance reports its results by email to root, and cannot deliver it without having basic sendmail running. As soon as I switched to 'sendmail_enable="NO"', immediately after the first boot-up, the system was busy for a long while to deliver all the previously cluttered-up undeliverable emails. I consider this to be a nasty side effect of system maintenance.


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