Brad Tarver wrote:

Bruce Hunter wrote on 05/12/04 09:02 PM:

Brad Tarver wrote:

Bruce Hunter wrote on 05/12/04 08:41 PM:

I have setup a headless system. I connect to the system from another machine using a ssh client. I have set the headless machine to allow me to login at root. I am able to login and edit files , except I can not ping outside my network or install ports, b/c it won't allow it to access the internet. The SSHd must be stopping me somehow. I can ping my other systems in the network.

Check /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/rc.conf for your defaultrouter entry.

my defaultrouter entry is set to my router ip, any other ideas?

what are you trying to ping? an ip address or a hostname? If you are pinging a hostname and not getting anything, i would suggest checking your /etc/resolv.conf for nameserver entries.

I am pinging b/c I am testing. I am trying to install a port. When a port installs, it downloads the required files. Whenever I try, I get an error b/c it can't download any of the files needed for the port. This happens with all ports. On top of that I can't ping crap outside my network. Nothing.. Something is blocking me from going to the net. It not my router, i'm sure of that.

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