Brad Tarver wrote:

Bruce Hunter wrote on 05/12/04 09:09 PM:

I am pinging b/c I am testing. I am trying to install a port. When a port installs, it downloads the required files. Whenever I try, I get an error b/c it can't download any of the files needed for the port. This happens with all ports. On top of that I can't ping crap outside my network. Nothing.. Something is blocking me from going to the net. It not my router, i'm sure of that.

So does it download the files or not. You are contradicting yourself. If you can ping an IP address outside of your router, then it's not your router. But if you cannot ping a hostname like, then its most likely they resolv.conf isn't setup.

i am unable to ping any IP address specific to the internet or any host.. The files do not download when I run #make install. I am able to ping within my local network. my router is not the problem.

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